Established in 1995, TTFL is an exclusive manufacturer of NYLON 66 yarns



For hosiery and socks, circular knitting, seamless knitting, warp knitting, weaving and covering

Thailon Techno Fiber Limited
Company Profile

Thailon Techno Fiber Limited was established in 1995 as a part of a vertically integrated textile organization, the PSD Group. It is an exclusive manufacturer of Nylon 66 and Polyamide 66 mulit-filaments yarn for various apparel applications located in the Laemchabang Industrial Estates, Thailand. It is also being promoted by the Board of Investments of Thailand (BOI). Thailon has established the "Thailon" quality and service to our customers in over 40 countries with many years of experience and up to date manufacturing technology / machineries. Thailon's in-house spinning (POY, FDY), draw texturing (DTY), air texturing (ATY), twisting and air covering (ACY) is offered as a wide range of products from super-fine denier, micro filaments to mid-deniers suitable for many product applications: hosiery, circular knitting, seamless knitting, warp knitting weaving and covering.

Thailon is always ready to cooperate with our customers to meet their requirements using only the best world-class raw materials and machineries seamlessly integrated with our decade long experience in both yarn manufacturing any downstream processes.

Thailon's mission is to become a reliable supplier, to provide quality yarns at economical values, and to provide customers with the technical service and product innovations. Thailon understands their customers' needs in an increasingly demanding and competitive market. Therefore, Thailon works under one mission statement: to commit to quality and innovation.

Thailon can develop any count, filaments and any other specification to match any customer needs because all of the yarn production stages are under Thailon's supervision; rest assured that all of the products listed here have been critically tested and judged by the world's top manufacturers and all have performed flawlessly.

Currently, Thailon carries inventory in several countries to supply our customer in Istanbul Turkey, Los Angeles, USA and Shanghai, China in order to supply our current customers with lower lead time and faster service. Thailon technicians are always on stand-by to fly to any world-wide destinations to attend any problems or inquiry that our customers may have.

Our Vision And Mission

At Thailon, our team includes not only our members, but also our partners, suppliers & customers. We pledge to all of them our commitment to:


exellence on all of our endeavors


consistant and steady growth


the value of the assets and the quality of the life for all participants


innovation to our strategic partnerships


safe & creative workplace environments


the best economic value with the least cost products

Total customer satisfaction no matter where they are

- TTFL -



Our spinning is equipped with Barmag AG and Zimmer AG technology which are the world class machinery for spinning any continuous filaments yarns in both Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) and Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY) with combine monthly production of 600MT. Integrated within a system of Siemens controller that allow for spinning any deniers and counts. Cooling and environment controls are perfectly managed throughout the plant by an integrate system of Luwa.


All of the texturing machines are equipped with online tension control to ensure that any yarn produced are of the highest quality, smoothest fabrics and garments. We have the most advanced, up-to-date machines which include Oerlikon Barmag, SSM Guidici and AIKI: a combined production capacity of 1,500 MT per month. We take careful steps in the maintenance of our machines to ensure the quality of our products.


It begins with our deep understanding in the customers� process and applications. Our technicians are trained for many textile processes such as knitting, weaving, and dyeing. During this process, we carefully inspect each bobbin under our established 8 steps process to segregate out any defected yarns. It starts with our process control department, operating 24 hours to take round around all machinery to ensure the performance of the machines.


Our products consist of many variations of Nylon/Polyamide 66 filament yarns. Feel free to browse our product list by various product applications for suitable yarns. Also, find our new development products through our brands and explore by types below.

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Our Collection

Circular knitted fabric collection, a collaboration between Thailon and PSD group knitting company. Stay tuned for more innovative fabric design. Contact us below for any fabric inquiry.


From over 17 years experience in Nylon 66 sales, We have been supplying to more than 150 customers in 40 countries.

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For Nylon 66 yarns and fabric inquiry, technical informations, and new product devlopments,

please contact us below and we will get back to you shortly.

  • 219, Moo 3, Laemchabang Industrial Estate,
           Thung Sukhla, Sriracha, Chonburi,
           Thailand 20230
  • +66 3849 4944

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